The mountain bikes we use have aluminum frame, front suspension forks and V breaks. We do as little biking as possible on busy main roads. We try to show you the beautiful remote places in the bush by cycling on small tarred roads; dirt roads and single trails (farm trails). Therefore make sure to wear a good shoe, minimum seekers.


  • 1.We don’t rush; we take our time
  • 2.You can stop at any time to take a rest or drink.

We have two (2) different kinds of tours in Aburi,
  • 1.Round trips
  • 2.Fixed tours

1. Round Trips:- These are tours that you go on your own or with a guide and come back with the bike to where you started.

2. Fixed Tours:- These are the tours that you go with a guide and at the end of the tour you return by car to where you started.


There are 3 bush tours you can do by your own. They are marked with red arrows; you get a map and a road book with photographs. These trails are regularly weeded. All other tours are guided only and vary from easy to very difficult sections.

Then two similar tours of 22 and 26 km length, 3 to 3.5 hours cycling time and 190 meters total climb, Those two tours can be shortened or longed to customers wish.
Our current pricelist: Fifteen Ghana Cedis (GH¢ 15.00) per hour (roughly ...).

For guided tours up to 3 hours you add GH¢... and over 3 hours GH¢... per tour and each person

The trail net has now reached more than 650 km and we are sure to have a tour to match your needs too.

Fixed Tours

More and more we do guided tours where at the end we get picked by vehicle to come back where we started. That is one way trip we de avoid a hard climb up to Aburi at the end of a tour.

Currently of this kind of tour we have one of 23,5 km length, 3 hours cycling time and 322 meters total climb Fixed price GH¢ ... per person .

Or one of 40,5 km to Asenema waterfall, 4 hours cycling time and 390 meters total climb. Fixed price GH¢ ... per person.

A short one of 10 km and 2 hours cycling time and 80 meters total climb is also available.

The longest one day tour of 66 km 8 hours and 710 meters total climb to Botifall is for people who like cycling, have endurance and are adapted to the Ghana weather. 20% tarred road, 30% single trail and 50% dirt road give the tour an interesting mixture with plenty to see. Available from 2 persons going, guided and return by car. Fixed price GH¢... Many more trails can be put together to fit your time and physical skills.

A two day bike tour is now available, for minimum 2 people . Total distance 111.5 km . 66km (8 hours) on the first day to Botifall and 45.5km (5 hours) on the second day to Akosombo. We sleep in a simple guesthouse at Botifall, where food is also available. The tour is guided and accompanied by car.

This tour is meant for people who like cycling and are sure to have the endurance to cover the distance in Ghana weather conditions. The tour is a good mix of single trail, dirt road and little tarred road. Things you may need are a good shoe and flip flops, spare clothes, bathing suit, suncreme, torchlight, and lunch for two days.

The price of GH¢ ... includes, bike, guide, carsupport, water and food for the two days, accommodation and entrance fee in Boti and return from Akosombo by car.


A 3 days bike tour is also available, a total distance of 120km.In this case instead of covering 66km thus Aburi- Boti falls in a day, we rather take 2 days to cover such a distance and then used the third day to Akosombo.

40.5km in 4hours to Asenema waterfalls for site seeing and then 6.5km in an hour to a camping destination, where food and accommodation facilities will be enjoyed.

This amounts to a total distance of 47km for the first day. The second day leads to Boti-falls in 4 hours of 40km. Here we have the opportunity to see the cave, Umbrella rock and 3 in 1 palm tree.

45km (5hours) to Akosombo on the third day, Bikers will have the chance of admiring the historical Volta Lake and the Akosombo Hydro-electric power dam which supplies Electricity around the nation.

~ 1-7 DAYS TOUR ~

This is a description of a 7-day mountain biking tour on one of our most popular routes passing through and viewing places of scenic and cultural interest through our local Aburi township to various destinations like; Boti Waterfalls, Abouso traditional township, Aburase and Begoro which has a wonderful refreshing waterfall within natural tropical jungle.

Passing through these towns we view deep cavernous caves with their own resident bat colonies, cascading hidden waterfalls, historic and natural sites, the beautiful and spectacular Volta Lake, the largest man made lake in the world, scenic and breathtaking mountain landscapes, and the colorful and vibrant Ghanian culture where you will often witness many colorful traditional festivals with traditional clothing while cycling through the many traditional villages.

On arrival we visit Aburi Botanic Garden and the Craft Village in Aburi then to Tumu Lodge to pass the night on arrival. The 1-5 day tour covers approximately 287 kilometers, 2780 meters total climb with actual bike tour covering 27hours. Our routes usually uses dirt roads, single trail and a small portion on a tarred road. The actual tour will cover five (5) local townships - Here is the break down.

a) Aburi - Boti-Falls: - for the first day covering sixty six (66) kilometers and end of tour for first day. Visit to cave and the umbrella Rock as well as 3 in 1 palm tree is a part day's program.

b) Boti Falls-Abouso: - For the second day cover 68km biking distance. At this location, bikers will enjoy for the first time camp site, cooking and the pleasures of camping accommodation. Tourist and bikers will also have the opportunity to enjoy natural sites and sceneries. On this same day, bikers have the chance of admiring the historical Volta Lake.

c) Abouso & Surroundings: -the third day of biking will see the bikers tour the township of Abouso and its surrounding villages. This will cover a distance of fifty-five (55) kilometers of natural sites, ecology, botany and pure lush forests.

d) Abouso - Aburase:- At this local African township, bikers will be welcomed with cultural shows, bikers in the middle of breath taking landscape, on camp accommodation and on camp cooking. The total distance to be covered amounts to Fifty-Eight kilometers within the framework of Six (6) hours.

e)Begoro- End of Tour:- Upon arrival after the final forty (40) kilometers to this ancient African township, bikers will come to the end 1-7 days bike tour. Here bikers will be made ready to return to their various destinations by car.

Or give the bikers the option of spending a day in the capital town of Eastern Region -Koforidua by arranging with Ghana Bike before returning on the next day. Or if the bikers decide otherwise, then they will be returning to Aburi, the starting point of the tour.

~ Itinerary ~
Day 1: Arrival in Kotoka Int. Airport - Accra, we drive to Aburi.
Day 2: Biking to Boti waterfalls
Day 3: Bike from Boti to Abouso natural site
Day 4: Biking around Abouso and its surroundings
Day 5: Biking from Abuoso to Aburase Culural Center
Day 6: Bike from Aburase to Begoro
Day 7: End of tour, return to Aburi by car

Important NOTES: -
1. During this entire tour, bikers will be followed by a car that can give relief in case of any distress.
2. Alongside, bikers are assured of excellent eating facilities (Restaurants), accommodation and quality tour guidance.
3. We explain about Ghanaian Hunting and farming methods as well as birds and butterfly watching.
4. Trips can be extended after the 7day itinerary in consultation with Ghana Bike

Itinerary of tour extension
• Tafi Atome monkey sanctuary
• Afadjato mountain(The highest mountain in Ghana -2.095ft)
• Wli water falls
• Mount Gemi

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