Many of our biking trails in Aburi and Busua are perfect for hiking too. The hiketours follow mainly single trails trough farm-bush and forestland and vary between 2 and 5 hours. One of the tours you can do by your own, equipped with a map and fotographs and following direction arrows.

We have a tour guide who will help you for your biking or hiking. The benefits you get from using he guide is, he will help you know much about the names of some plants,birds,inses and reptiles as well as villages and places you see on your way during the tour, and all you need to know about Ghanaian life.

Prices are from GH¢... to GH¢... per person . Included are guide, shift by car, backpack, hiking sticks and a shower after the tour.
Things you have to bring are a good hiking shoe (no sandals), a hat, suncream, lunch and some endurance.

A Day walk is arranged on daily basis that covers 6.5 km up to 26km and has a walking duration of 2 to 5 hours. Other walks of more than one-day is organized to include a follow up vehicle with excellent facilities. More walking / trekking /hiking routs with over 350km distance are available occupy tourists for several days. In this expedition (tour) accommodation is provided at intervals by camp.

On our 7-day walking tour we try to show you things you cannot see when traveling in a car on one of our most popular routes passing through and viewing places of scenic and cultural interest through our local Aburi township to various destinations like; Nyensiso traditional township, Asenema Waterfalls, Boti waterfalls which has a wonderful refreshing waterfall within natural tropical jungle, Akosombo. And Shai hills.

Passing through these towns we view deep cavernous caves with their own resident bat colonies, cascading hidden waterfalls, historic and natural sites, the beautiful and spectacular Volta Lake, which is the largest man made lake in the world, scenic and breathtaking mountain landscapes, and the colorful and vibrant Ghanaian culture where you will often witness many colorful traditional festivals with traditional clothing while walking through the many traditional villages.

On arrival we visit Aburi Botanic Garden and the Craft Village in Aburi then to Tumu Lodge to pass the night on arrival. The walking tour covers approximately 195km, 1290 meters total climb with actual walk tour covering 29hours. Our routes are usually single trail and tarred road through farm bush and forestland. The actual tour will cover five (5) local townships - Here is the break down.

Aburi through Nyensiso to Asenema: - At this local African township, walkers will be welcomed with cultural shows, walkers in the middle of breath taking landscape. Nyensiso to Asenema walkers will have the opportunity to enjoy natural sites and sceneries, waterfalls for site seeing and then 15minutes drive (6.5 km) to a camping destination, where food and accommodation facilities will be enjoyed.

Asenema to Boti waterfalls: - At Boti Falls walkers will be able to visit the hidden waterfall and have a refreshing swim surrounded by thick tropical jungle, easing their tired muscles. Here we have the opportunity to see the Cave, Umbrella rock and 3 in 1 palm tree.

Boti to Akosombo: - walkers will have the chance of admiring the historical Volta Lake and the Hydro-electric power dam which supplies Electricity around the nation.

Akosombo to Shai hills: - viewing of troops of baboons, cobs and other antelopes and also bird.(wild life)

End of tour: - walkers will return to Tumu Lodge to rest at Aburi on the last day.

Day 1: Arrival in Kotoka Int. Airport - Accra, we drive to Aburi.
Day 2: A visit to Botanical Gardens and the craft village in Aburi
Day 3: Walking to Asenema waterfalls
Day 4: walking from Asenema to Boti natural site
Day 5: walking from Boti to Akosombo
Day 6: Akosomo to Shai hills rescource reserve
Day 7: End of tour, return to Aburi by car

Important NOTES: -
1. During this entire tour, trekkers will be followed by a car that can give relief in case of any distress.
2. Alongside, trekkers are assured of excellent eating facilities (Restaurants), accommodation and quality tour guidance.
3. We explain about Ghanaian Hunting and farming methods as well as birds and butterfly watching.
4. Trips can be extended after the 7day itinerary in consultation with Ghana Bike

Itinerary of tour extension
• Tafi Atome monkey sanctuary
• Afadjato mountain(The highest mountain in Ghana 2.095ft)
• Wli water falls
• Mount Gemi

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