Other Tours

We also organize tours to all the interesting tourist attraction centers in Ghana, these are not done by bicycle

Such as

  • 1. Kakum National Park [Where we have the canopy walk]
  • 2. Ada [where the Volta river – which is the largest river in Ghana enters the sea]
  • 3. Cape – Coast and Elmina Castles [where slaves were kept before shipped to abroad in the colonial days]
  • 4. Oda [where we have the biggest standing tree in West Africa]
  • 5. Paga [where we have the Crocodile pond]
  • 6. Mole park [where you can find different kinds of animals]
  • 7. Wli water falls [which is also the biggest in West Africa.
  • 8. Mountain Afadjato [ is the highest in Ghana]
  • 9. As well as Lake Bosomtwe [Dear god lake which is the largest natural lake in the country]

We also educate you on typical Ghanaian life, sweet culture and Traditions.
We do take care of your accommodation, feeding as well as Transportation.

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